About the Girl is a beachwear business selling a range of bikinis, swimsuits and fabulous accessories, as well as a range of post-mastectomy swimwear and lingerie.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015. After several surgeries, mastectomy and chemo, I am now three years post treatment. Once I’d finished treatment and began to embrace normal life again, I was frustrated with the underwear and bikinis on offer for someone like me who had lost a boob!
Beachwear and bras for post-mastectomy women were all bolster holders, all more appropriate to my 84 year old mother! A far cry from my beautifully curated underwear drawer of yesteryear!

So, armed with my various false boobs, I went and searched the shops for the best bikinis that would work for me and my prosthesis. I was only 49 and, certainly not ready to give up my bikini wearing days. I found the best bikinis, that worked for me now were by the Australian brand Seafolly. They were well structured, gorgeous ranges and so many styles to choose from. And it was from that moment, that I decided, to do something about it.

So here I am, my website has just launched and I am excited for the year ahead! About the Girl has three departments.

  1. Beachwear and accessories for all,
  2. Post surgery beachwear. I am the only UK retailer that has permission from Seafolly to alter their bikinis and to sew pockets into them to fit a prosthetic breast. I am therefore in the unique position of bringing their most amazing range of swimwear to these post-mastectomy ladies.
  3. Post-mastectomy lingerie. I want to provide underwear, that my old knicker drawer would be proud of! And so again I have searched the market to put together a range of underwear that will make post-mastectomy ladies feel like a woman again, while working with their prosthesis